Always encourage your mate to do things they like to do

Doing What You Like is Important

Sometimes being married we forget that each of us should continue to connect to things that we like to do, because its good for us emotionally and physically. So both spouses should encourage the other by keeping a list of what their spouse likes to do and once in awhile make it happen for them. Like insisting they do it and even going as far as making the arrangements. My lovely wife is always encouraging me to go to the Elks and enjoy the relationship that exists between members. I sometimes think I’m ignoring my wife, but she knows it's good for me and that means its good for her, because I feel better when I’m around people.

We Incourage Each Other to Call Our Friends

I often encourage my wife to talk to her friend in Michigan. They used to work together and are really good for each other. Sometimes they talk for hours on the phone. That’s good therapy and cheaper then seeing a head doctor.

Happiness List

I’m sure my wife has a list of things that work for me. And when she notices unhappiness knocking at my door she reviews her list and suggests a movie, lunch or a special meal at Myrtle Beach with involves having a special meal at popular fish eatery. It involves popcorn shrimp, special buttered rolls and all the trimmings.

The Ridding Mower is a Good Thing for Me

Even the ridding mower is good for me. So when I’m down a little she will suggest the grass needs mowing. And I feel I’m doing my share and still get the benefit of ridding the mower.

Hints Are Often Hopes of Things to Happen

I understand the need for my wife to involve herself in her two sons lives. And I encourage her to do something when she mentions something in that frame of thinking. She may start by saying we haven’t had a family barbeque in a long time. To me that’s a cry I want to see our family members and enjoy their company. We will talk about what we had last time and thru that we will decide what to have and when to have it. She knows what family members like and tries to give each member something special just for them.

I Watch the GrandChildren so Mother & Sons can talk

When they are invited she gets more input about what they would like and so the story goes. We all like to be important in the scheme of things and this is one great way to enjoy your family and keep the ties of wellness with them. And of course if will be good for you also.

So Keep Adding to the List

Always remember that feeling good is good for all of us. So keep your list and do you part and they will do theirs. Everyone will benefit and happiness will prevail. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by Ezalis