Always say Please and Thank You

We Take it For Granted

Were all guilty of not using common courtesies to get or receive something. We are all at times are seeking and using the help of others and I’m afraid most of the time we take it for granted and don’t give credit due when it is due.

Children Are Teachers Too

Sometimes our children teach the simple lessons to us. For a time now my love has been watching two of our grandsons and she says its been a real joy for her. I think its bringing up memories of raising her children and the fun she had doing that. No I don’t think it was all fun and Joy. But I do think we all have selective memory and most of the time we focus on the joys rather then the things that challenged us during the time we raised our children.

My Wife Watches Two of Her GrandChildren

My wife is currently working two to three days weekly. She leaves our home around five thirty am and arrives by six am at her eldest sons home. The two children are normally sleeping and so she just jumps in the king size bed and views the youngest via the baby watch tv and then hits the pillow. Cohen the oldest child who is two has his own bedroom just down the hall. Hopefully my wife gets some snooze before Cohen opens his door and gravitates to the master bedroom and snuggles next to Nana and says mornin and then moves a great deal and then resumes his morning sleeping. if Nana is lucky they all sleep to eight or so. Then Cohen snuggles close to Nanas ear and says quietly breakfast please? Then the day begins.

Protocol Requires Please and Thank You

Nana my wife is a great believer is learning proper protocol. If Cohen wants something he must use the word please and if he receives something he says thank you. Currently please sounds more like pees, but thank you is pretty much on mark.

My Mother Taught Me

My Mother expected and required the same response from me. If I wanted something that was my best approach to getting it. Any other approach met with a blank expression on my Mothers face. If I didn’t get it she would give her regular thank you and please definition and soon I learned my part and still do today.

Please & Thank You Are Sights of Respect

If you want something and someone can help you achieve that goal your best approach is saying please and thank you. Proper presentation and gratefulness is the right way to handle this wanting and needing. Doing other wise dulls the senses of helping and results are less then perfect.

Do The Right Thing

If you know the right thing, pass it on because it’s the right thing to do. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by Orin Optiglot