Chewing Gum and Toothpicks

Gum & Toothpicks Help or Hurt

These two aforemented items are highly engrained in the world’s social society and each serves useful services. The toothpick has long been used as a simple device to remove stuck food material from between are teeth and that decease the effect of tooth decay. Gum helps people relax and improve the quality of the breath they expel. But other uses seem to be less useful in helping the human experience grow closer together.

But Theres Always a But

I have no ax to grind with either one of these items, both serve a useful purpose and that’s a good thing. But and there’s always a but. Using these items on a regular basis is not only not healthy for you its not a good looking thing to do to promote social interaction that helps promote a good looking thing.

Both Are Addictive

I am of the opinion that these habits are just as addictive as smoking or drinking alcohol. They all present social behavior that doesn’t speak well of them and doesn’t endear people to them. We as a society are already having enough problems promoting good images of each other and this makes coupling up and staying together a harder thing to do. It’s like the camel theory, which goes like this. That’s the straw that broke the camels back. Most relationship are under siege for many reasons and each reason is one more straw on the camels back and if enough straw is gathered the camel lays down and the relationship ends and everyone involved leaves the relationship with more baggage then they started with.

We Need to Make Better Presentations

We all need to polish our presentation to each other and keep the maintenance of good habits working in are favor. Marriage is a relationship that loses more converts then it gains and because of this we as a society need to upgrade are person and make better presentations and create better habits in are lives. A house of stone is built by one stone at a time. So does the relationship loving people have together. Getting married is the first stone and new stones need to be added to make it work all the time. Marriage is an ongoing adventure and never stops loving or growing closer to each other.

Remember Habits Say Something About You

So habits of all levels of thinking need to be either stopped or revised to keep the wheels of wellness turning. No habit is too small for consideration and possible change. Remember the goal is to stay together, be in love and last till the last breath of your life. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by Vox_Efx