Unhappiness is a Major Issue in the Human Experience

Disappointment runs rampant in the human society. And how we handle it tells the story of how our life will go. Yes we have many hopes and only a few of them if were lucky will come to pass and make our lives better. So what should we do with the ones that disappoint us? How you answer this question will pretty much determine how your marriage will go. I think most caring persons try to do their best and really try to please the people they love. But were all human and that makes us vulnerable to making bad choices and decisions that make our partner in life unhappy.

Don't Judge what you get by its Value

Disappointment is like a two way street, what goes one way may not be equal in the eyes of the beholder. Maybe you gave your husband a one thousand dollar gift and he only he only paid five hundred for yours. Yes on the surface this may not seem fair and you may think you love him more then he loves you. If my love judged me by what I buy her I would be in the doghouse all the time. The value of a gift is not judged by its cost, its judged by the love that delivers it.

My Love Deserves Everything

If I gave my wife what I think she worth I would walk the streets at night with only pennies in my pocket. You see my love is worth the world to me. I’m lucky she loves me for myself alone and not for the things that I can give her.

Love is the Last thing I Want to Lose

But people who are disappointed about something and make a big deal about it are setting the stage for failure in their marriage. Yes we all have expectations and sometime there not met. But is disappointment better then the love of your life? If you let anyone or thing be more important then the love you have for each other; you are a fool and fools never find happiness. I rather face adversity everyday then lose the love of my life. I for one know what I value most in life and that is my wife. Linda is my first and last thought of the day and without her the sun would stop shinning and my heart would stop beating. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by rileyroxx