If it won’t Work, stop Working at it

Breaths Life Into Cars

My Youngest Stepson is in the trade of making the wheels on cars roll down the street. And if you bring your treasure to him and its fixable he will bring it back to life.

I Had to Say Goodby to My Car

Six months ago I had to part with a good friend and loyal companion. It was a late model Jimmy and it was a joy to ride and even the air-conditioning still worked. The fateful day came and my Stepson gave me the bad diagnosis the car is beyond help and sell or junk it out. Weeks later and with a tear in my eye, I put it up for sale. Three different people offered what I was asking but couldn’t make the deal till Friday. I told them the first one with the money gets the car. Friday at four thirty the youngest of the three arrived with cash in hand and we made the deal. He drove away and I felt I had abandoned my long time friend, but I moved on and tried to remove the thought from my mind.

My Car Lives Again

Three weeks ago we were having lunch and in walked the young man that purchased the Jimmy from me. I couldn’t help but seek him out and inquire about the car. He said the car is now part of another car of the same make and told me to step outside and see how it looks. My car lives again because this young man put his and my car together using the good parts and the new Jimmy looked great.

I Had to Treat it Like a Death

My wife joked about now I can put the sale to rest and be happy with the results. She was right and I did just that.

Let Go

Fixing cars is like keeping a marriage going when all the signs are saying, let go and let the deal fall apart like it should have in the first place.

Recognize the Facts and Move On

Some marriages aren't going to work know matter how much effort, time or money you invest in them. Many joining of hands are doomed from day one and I think we all know it and just ignore what are mind and heart is telling us. Sure we may look good together and have fun doing things but the spark of love isn’t there and never will be. Why spend all this time trying to make the puzzle fit when all the signs are saying let go and find the right person the next time. Holding on because you like the person, won't make the marriage thing work. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by ilkerender