Love doesn’t require change but it does require confirmtion

Don't Kinker with Love

When you find love don’t kinker with it, because its perfect just the way it is. Love is like the hope diamond it stands out in the crowd like the brightest light in the darkness. It is what it is and it will never change.

Be Guided by Your Feelings

People from the beginning of time have sought to find it and be happy for ever after. But love doesn’t carry a big banner, which says here I am Im yours for the asking. No love comes in a plain paper bag and doesn’t have any writing on it. So how do we know what bag to pick? There is only one instrument in all of the universe that gauges what love is and that gauges is how you feel about the bag which is no different looking then any other bags. Oh yes some of the bags are more nicely wrapped and appear more like love then the other bags.

Trust Your Feelings

The correct guage for selecting the right bag for you is trusting what your feelings are telling you and not what your senses are saying. What you observe maybe like the apple in the garden of eden he looks good, tastes great but isn’t the apple of your eye. If you trust your feelings and ignore the apple you will always make the right choice and find that path that leads to love. Love doesn’t just fill one of your desires if fills all of your desires and that’s the difference between love and other senses that seem the same but are false readings. I failed in my first marriage attempt. But did make the wisest choice of my life by finding love rather then its imitation. Love and its rivial are similar in many ways and without the proper guidance making the wrong choice always seems right when you make it. But time always reveals fools gold which isn’t worth a plug nickel and wont deliver the joy that true love will bring.

Close Your Eyes & Just Feel

If your facing love and wondering if it’s the real thing, heres what you should do. Close your eyes and just pay attention to what your feeling and not what your hoping you have. Love is like a walk in the moon light, it doesn’t need the fan fare of a traveling circus. Its just what it is and that is love and love is the thought that dreams are made of and last a life time. That’s how I feel and Im sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by Arbron