Marriage is no place for losers

Losers don't make Good Marriage Partners

Losers are people that go to the racetrack and hope for their horse to change the luck in their life and make them a winner. Gamblers are a strange lot of people they will spend every dime they have on a roll of the dice, but don’t have a clue how to win the game of life.

Losers want to Win but expect to Lose

A loser is a person who wants to win but knows its not likely they will win and so their life goes. Marriage is not for losers and just for winners. Winners don’t leave their life to chance, they gather all the knowledge they can consume and then pick the best opportunity for success and they expect to win. Winners don’t expect to lose, because their mind set is on success.

An Open Mind Feeds Success

Success is not like a poker game; its more like a science and every detail is taken care of. Success requires an open mind and the clear vision of a person who knows what they want.

Horses got most of his Money

I knew a gentlemen that used to spend almost every penny he made on the horses and had to borrow money on Monday to pay for his lunch in the vending machine at work. But then one day, he didn’t ask for a loan and started bringing his lunch instead. We who were co-workers just assumed he finally hit bottom and couldn’t afford to borrow money any more.

Love Equal Success

Six months later while enjoying a small draft at local cowboy hang out my friend showed up with a lovely girl and was holding a newborn baby in his arms. We connected and we both smiled and he sat down. I walked over and said hi and met his new family. The new baby girl had his dark hair and her blue eyes. I asked if I could hold the baby and he shook his head ok. We sat for a while and enjoyed each other’s company. Then I excused myself and left. While outside I observed a car with marriage writing all over it and tin cans tied to the rear bumper.

I got a Ticket and He got a Family

My car was one block away parked near a fire hose connection, which caused my car to be towed away by a wrecker. The police person present asked if that was my car I said yes and he gave me a ticket. Just then a car drove by with the noise of dragging cans behind it. They didn’t see me but I watched them and smiled both inside and out. What a lucky guy he was for finding the family that made him a whole person.

This of course was before I found love and created my own dreams to enjoy. If you find love then that makes you a winner. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by Sister72