Never be shy with your nakedness

My Father was a Social Person

My Father was man of many talents and loved to be a social person. If there was someone to talk to, my Father would find him or her. As a young boy he had two brothers and they all shared the same bed room. So shyness was not a problem for him. My Mother on the other hand was just the opposite and even thought she never gained an unnecessary pound was always very shy about not being fully clothed all the time. One time when my Father had a tad to much Scotch he proclaimed from the bedroom that seeing his wife naked was a good thing. Mother did not share this feeling and by her own admission stated that dressing was a private thing for her. And going to bed required all lights out and curtains closed. Well that was my Mother and that was her way but it didn’t seem to interfere with the constant hugging and kissing that went on between my Mother and Father.

I like the Open Approach

I personally favor a more liberal approach and whole handedly approve of seeing my wife in fewer clothes as possible. She’s a good looker and I like looking.

Closeness is Good for you

When people marry they make a commitment to each other and this includes being close from time to time. I think less clothes promotes closeness and that’s a good thing.

Love Sees know flaws in the Human Body

No one in my thinking should be concerned how they look to the person they love. Primarily because the person you love, loves you just the way you are. Being in love with someone is a condition that finds no fault with the person they love. So when someone loves someone they see only the affects of love and not what someone else might see. People who love each other don’t see flaws or etc. because their not visible thru the eyes that see the one they love. Sounds crazy but that’s just the way love works. So if your shy don’t give it another thought, because your love companion sees only love and love it perfect. It’s a mind thing and don’t give it another thought.

Love will not Require Change

It has been my observation that people who don’t like something about you or want you to change something are really not truly in love with you. So saddle up and find someone who finds you perfect just the way you are. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by greggoconnell