Never give in till love whispers in your ear

In a Moment a Child is Created

All too often the moment of excitement and over whelming joy win out and things happen that never should have. Time is the only cure for this unfortunate behavior. I was once young and loved that special reaction when someone special came close to me. I was one of the lucky ones I never created a person that wasn’t planned for. All to often under this over whelming urge we act, rather then waiting to see if love is the force that's driving us together. Only time and common sense will give us the go-ahead sign because love is knocking on our door.

That's not My Baby?

We all see everyday the results of bad behavior that creates children and then watch the doers walk away and say that’s my baby and pretend it wasn’t their fault she the Mother lured them into her spell. They also say he’s not the Father because she’s a player and she doesn’t even know who the father is.

Maybe Know One Will Claim You

Well future Father who wants to play, stand up and take the test and prove your innocence or don’t and show the world how worthless you are. And let the word get around that you just like to play but don’t want to be a dad. Then maybe you will find yourself alone and no one wants to claim you.

If Your not Ready to Be, Don't

I know the feeling of having no Father or Mother when I was a young boy. It’s sad to stand out in the community as a person not worthy of having parents who loved them. Here’s my thought to you, if your not ready to be a parent don’t take the chance and just say no till the right person comes along. You know when its right, because love has a special way of making you feel and will be different then any way you have ever felt before.

Remember the Creator is Watching are You Doing Right

Don’t contribute to the family of children wondering the earth to find their parents only to discover the doers don’t even want them. Don’t let your worth be determined by the parents who didn’t want you in the first place. You know who you are and how special you are. Be all that you can be and ignore the beginning of your life. Remember you’re the creator’s creation and that makes you special to him. And that’s the only validation you need to be yourself.

Remember always that you and you alone are the main source of your wellness and that’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

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