Never raise your voice

Cheeseburger or Salad?

Monday we visited McDonalds and enjoyed a double cheeseburger, which my doctor advises me to stop eating and replace with more grass and low fat stuff. No way man a cheeseburger is the very fiber of the American dream and cant be replaced by the unlikely and not so good tasting salads, which also requires using the condiments that has no good stuff in it.

Voices Were Raised

During my enjoyment of the double cheeseburger a couple sitting next to us started having issues with each other over the use of their cell phones. The wife was complaining that whenever she tries to call him. His phone is busy. He says that she dials the wrong number because he hardly talks to anyone and he cant understand why she’s having a hard time getting hold of him.

Its Hard to Hear When Both are Hollering

During this encounter of words there conversation became more obvious because at one point they were both hollering at each other. I guess that’s a strong way to get you point home to the other person.

Anger is Harmful

Both were very angry and not paying any attention to what the other person was saying. Anger ruled and the rest of us got indigestion because of their unhappiness with each other. Soon the manager interjected his feelings and the couple left in a huff of words saying were never eating here again. The crowd including my wife and I breathed a sigh of relief and gained our composure of our sense of well being.

Is Talking Louder Helping You?

Whats with the talking so loud? Is this learned behavior or what? Yes I have I have on rare occasions raised by voice slightly in my wife’s presence and generally I feel the need to lower same before the loudness is returned to me. I know when I’m wrong and have know problem eating my words and saying I’m sorry; it generally works and I relax knowing things are well again between me and my partner.

Talking Loud is Learned Behavior

I often hear children speak loud and it’s generally because no one is listening to them. Maybe this loudness between peoples stems from their childhood. But even if they knew why, I’m not sure it would help them change anything. Habits are like ill winds they come and go and don’t seem to care how they affect things in there life.

Which is More Important Talking or Listening?

I have this theory that says people talk loud because the other person won't listen to what they’re saying. Primarily because there talking both at the same time. Would it be so much better if low talk became popular and forced people to listen harder to understand what the other person is saying?

What is Raising Your Voice Saying About You?

Here’s the jest of what I’m talking about; raising your voice is a sign that you don’t care what the other person is saying. Is that sad or what. Only thru listening and understanding do we have the ability to understand and make changes that can improve the quality of our life. I love feeling good and talking loud is an intrusion into my space of wellness. Even at the movies people continue to talk loud and don’t even seem like their watching the movie. Sounds like were too much into ourselves and not getting the togetherness thing. What a great loss that is.

I hope we wake up and learn the art of talking low and with love mixed in. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by Vox_Efx