Politics is Best left out of the Marriage

I mostly feel that anything is up for discussion in a marriage. But maybe one should be avoided if possible. Politics is a subject that frequently brings up feelings that might interfere with a couple that loves each other. Its one of those things that if your on difference sides of the issue tempers rise and voices try to out shout each other.

My Brother & I Avoid Talking about Politics

Allow me to share an example of what I’m talking about. My brother Ron and I share many interests together, which includes being good brothers to each other; are on opposing ends of the bridge when it comes to being Democrats or Republicans. My brother and I grew up in different environments and because of that have different ideas about the government and the part it should play in the scheme of things. My Brother learned his electricians trade in a union environment and thus has strong feelings about big business and the working class. He feels that the Republicans are for the rich and Democrats are for the workingman. So until just recently my Brother and I raised our voices and sometimes almost parted company. Then out of necessity we decided to not talk about politics, because if we didn’t we felt that our relationship would be forever damaged and neither one of us wanted that to happen.

We Aggreed to Stop Talking about Politics

Oh sure every once in awhile we would be watching tv together and some issue would come up and both of us would ever so lightly say something and then remember our agreement and retreat back into silence about that subject matter. So far this thinking has worked and I’m grateful for that. I have special feelings for my brother and don’t wish that connection to be broken. But it does challenge us from time to time.

Luckily my Lovely wife and I our of the same persuasion when it comes to politics and I'm grateful for that.

Politics other Name is Insanity

I truly believe that politics is one of those insane subjects that if not checked could very easily ruin a happy marriage. I’m not sure why were so serious about it and get so emotional. But it does and that’s the way it is. If people are coupled up it is my option that should they be on opposing sides they should forbid talking about the subject matter. If your relationship is already having problems this will increase those issues by leaps and bounds.

Politics, Guessing Weight and Age are NO NOs

I avoid talking about politics because know matter what you say your going to sooner or later put your foot in your mouth and then have trouble getting it out. So when discussion come up like this, I just nod my head and act like I’m listening intently.

I rather be a listener then an angry adversary. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by rileyroxx