A Promise is as real as the cement in your driveway

A Promise is real when Love Rules

People of all ages make promises and most of the time they are well intended but aren’t always carried out. This kind of behavior is tolerable with the no couple variety of people. But with married people it should and must carry a higher degree of certainty that it will be completed as promised.

Broken Promises and Marriage don't mix

To a non-married relationship promises spread out like the dirty laundry on cleaning day and sometimes not all the dirt or etc comes out in the first wash. And this is an ok situation, but lesser relationships can tolerate a broken promise because it didn’t carry the seal of a married person.

A Love Promise carries a higher degree of Responsibility

Everyday I heard the words of couples promising something and then fail to come forth with the goods or services promised. When this happens between lovers it a sign that the relationship needs some directional changing or needs a major over haul. Either way the party to the crime need to realize that love carries a higher degree of responsibility then just a friendly lets get together thing for the night. When couples give a solemn promise to each other it’s an understanding that says I promise I will do whatever I promise to you. And when the guilty party doesn’t complete the promise the fiber of their relationship starts to slightly weaken at the edges. And if it is not stopped and promises continue to be uncompleted the paper on which the contract is written will drift away like the tumbleweed in the Wild West.

Promises be Writen down

And I will do something, is something that should be so noted on a piece of paper or device and viewed periodically so that the party of the second part doesn’t forget the promise. No you wont be rewarded with the trumpets of Romes returning armies after winning a great battle. But then again you wont be lowered in the eyes of the one that counts on you and expects your love for them to make the promise be fulfilled.

Couples often wonder why their Promise didn't work

Separated couples are wandering everywhere and wondering why their joyful promise to each other didn’t stand the test of time. Maybe too many yes I will didn’t get completed. And the faulty doers didn’t realize that every failure to do request was so noted in the mind of the asker. And in time the weight of the promises broken, set the wheels of divorce turning until someone gets served and eventually the courts divided the stuff and each are single again.

I know the Feeling when a Promise is Broken

I know the value of a promise because I participated once in destroying the value of the words written on the paper of togetherness. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by mikelao26