Love Means God to Me

Religion to many people is a strong force that influences their life in many ways. I believe in my way and seldom share my thoughts with others. I believe in a creator and an entity that is pure love. That’s the extent of my spiritual thinking. It works for me and that’s generally where it stays.

Spreading the Word

Recently I was visited by three young men spreading the word of their thinking. They wanted to come in and share their faith with me. I told them thanks but no thanks. They were kind and not pushy people.

No Church when I was Growing up

When I grew up I did a few times go to church, but it was never on a regular basis and didn’t seem to work for me. Maybe If my parents had been present maybe that would have made a huge difference and I would be a different believer today.

Self Appointed Gods

My Father once said that more people have been killed in the name of religion then for any other single reason. That thought kind of unsettles me, if church is so good and loving why are so many religious people out killing other religious people all in the name of the Creator. Surely the Creator is not requesting this to happen. I guess its all about self appointed Gods who see themselves as the chosen ones.

Religious Points of View are Important

If your considering marriage you might want to check and see the status of the one your going to connect to. Maybe their point of view isn’t compatible with yours. Most religions seem to favor the man as the head of the household and view women playing a more subservient role in the marriage. In other words he’s the final word and your not.

Women Weren't to Men

My wife used to golf with a friend that belonged to a popular church that wouldn’t give women the right to vote on church issues. My wife said that her friend Helen was always voicing her opinion and was frequently asked to sit down and remain silent. My wife being an equal person finds this church stuff a tad bit hard to swallow.

Religion Can be a Problem in Marriage

Before entering into a marriage you might well be best served to make sure your religion is compatible with the one you’re going to marry. You might discover that you and your future spouse have many points of view that will create difficulties after you get married. Its better to resolve these problems while there still in the planning stage and you can still exit without things getting out of hand and someone get hurt or need help in getting out of.

Be smart know all you need to know before saying I do. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by wallyg