Revealing Private Secrets are Taboo

Love Doesn't Share Secrets

What goes on between married couples that love each other is private and shouldn’t be shared with anyone else without the prior consent of your spouse. What goes on between the hearts of two people was never met to be shared with others; doing so is a great betrayal of trust and destroys the bond that holds two people together.

What Not To Do

My first marriage was an example of what not to do. We both had good intentions but lacked the proper instructions on what not to do. We both in small ways violated the trust we had for each other by sharing little bits of information about our togetherness that should have stayed silent between the two of us. We both paid a heavy price to our failure to be silent about our togetherness. Today we both understand the errors of our past and have made good steps for not repeating our past mistakes.

Secrets Are Secret

Conversations and activities between married people is a closed issue and should never leave the room of their origin. It’s hard to keep the faith when your faith is under the test of being true to each other. It’s normal to share things with people because were looking for answers and try to justify are actions. But words between two people that truly love each other are for their ears only and should never see the light of day unless both parties sign off on the sharing of things.

Secrets Kept Show Love is Present

Sharing our pain is a way of releasing the demons and finding some sense of understanding on whats happening in our life. But sharing private thoughts, words and secrets are the domain of both loving partners and should best remain there.

Keep the Faith

Learning the rights and wrongs of loving each other is a difficult process and isn’t easy with all the pressures life puts on our back. But keeping the faith of silence with your love is like being faithful to yourself. Before marriage your both single when you marry you become a couple and your lives become one in the journey of life.

Our Secrets are Just for Us

No one is without guilt and isn’t qualified to throw the first stone. Were all learners till the day we stop breathing. Until then we just learn what we can and do the best that we can. And keeping secrets, Secret is the right thing to do. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by dipfan