Stand Tall & So Will Your Marriage

Walking Tall Increases your Value

Have you ever looked at the trees in a forest and noticed the tallest ones and how well they’re doing? Trees are like people they strive to get all the sunlight they can, that is nourishment to them. This same concept works for people, the taller you walk the more your value increases in the scheme of things. No I’m not suggesting people wear elevated shoes; what I’m suggesting is the standing straight is a way of saying I’m ok and I like myself.

Lack Value

We’ve all noticed people who don’t seek to be noticed because that lack value in themselves and the don’t find comfort in the limelight.

My Mother understood the value of Standing Up Utraight

My Mother always insisted that standing tall was good for you and gave you more social status. And Mother loved being social and following the rules of proper behavior. No she was a prude but she did like the silver ware properly placed on the table. My Mother gained her fame and prestige because she understood the value of standing tall and being all that you can be.

My Mother insisted We Sit Up Straight

During my tenure as High School student my boy friends enjoyed coming to my home for lunch. Mother always made fancy things to consume. Like sandwiches with all the crust cut off and cut into smaller pieces for consumption. Any new friends had to either watch me or one of the other persons having lunch with me. Mother had only one rule, I had to call before lunch and indicate how many were coming to lunch. We had this bar area, which contained a large round table, and six could easy sit with room to spare. Oh I also had a limit of three visitors at any given day.

The New Lunchers quickly got the Message

It was really funny to watch the ones who had eaten at my house before and how they would instruct the newbie to do things. Like for example eat with your mouth shut, spoon your soup from the back to the front, always use a napkin and take small bits at a time. They all learned the rules and my Mother beamed at her success in changing behavior of my friends. They didn’t mind because they enjoyed the food and like the attention my Mother would give them. And of course everyone had to mention that the food was great and before leaving say thank you. Mother would have made an excellent teacher regarding the social graces.

Even Dad had to Follow the Rules

Even my Dad had to follow the protocol and stand straight and be a gentlemen at all times. If everyone had parents like I did this would be a better place to live in. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by Sir Mildred Pierce