When in doubt watch others

Watch Married Couples that are Happy

Success in anything requires learning the right things to do and success is best learned by watching those who succeed. Everyone knows the couple that seems perfect for each other. You know, there the ones that glow like a one hundred watt light bulb
when they’re with each other.

I Learned by Trial and Error

I didn’t have roll models when I was a kid growing up, so I learned the hard way by trial and error. Yes everything that we learn in life requires effort and experience. To try and fail is learning process if you do something long enough and your putting forth your best effort then more then likely you’ll prevail and become good at it. In life more learning experiences are a good way to learn. But others like getting married is best figured out before you do it. And one if the many ways to accomplish this is to watch married couples that have succeeded and maybe ask them for advice.

My Father Chose Me

My Father, who chose me when I was older, always treated his wife with respect and never to my knowledge displayed behavior that demeaned her as a human being. They were good to each other and they showed their feelings for each other in a multitude of ways. Both had their way of thinking and doing. But they always valued each other. When there was a clash of methods the best method prevailed.

There are more Bad Examples then Good Examples

Considering the divorce rate in this country is not hard to figure out that there are more bad examples then good ones. But don’t give up because they’re out there and you will find them in places where you would least expect them to be. Happiness and success in marriage doesn’t require large quantities of money or good looks. So pay attention to couples no matter where they are and then just learn from them. And when your looking pay attention to everything not just the obvious stuff. Whats going on that doesn’t seem to draw attention to them? Listen not only to their words but notice the gestures and how the tone of their voice is when they’re talking to each other.

I got the Message the Second Time and its all about Feelings

Between my first marriage and the second there was a great deal of time. I wasn’t playing hard to get I just didn’t get it. And then one day a door opened and I got the message; at first I was just over whelmed by this incredible feeling of wellness that I have never felt before. In a short period of weeks the word love started wondering in and out of my thinking.

I have a Marriage Worth Watching

Today I am an excellent example of who to watch and learn from. I know what love is and the value it holds in my life. So stop looking and just pay attention to the couples that love each other and aren’t embarrassed to say that love word in front of their friends. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by melalouise