When should one get married?

Now if you Both Love each Other

You will be able to answer this question by both of you being honest with each other. If your both currently living on your own and living the life that you like, you have passed the first hurdle in thinking about getting married. Now here’s the next question. Are you each going to allow the other to continue being themselves and not expect them to change and accommodate you? Of course it goes with out saying that each must be committed to be faithful to each other and that kind of commitment requires that each party be in love with each other.

If it's not Working Now, It wont Work after Saying I Do

Marriage that truly works is a contract that says our love is the number one important ingredient that makes glue bind two people together. But marriage shouldn’t change you from being the person who are and want to be. So if either one of you aren’t sure you can’t make this commitment stop and give more time to the thinking. If it isn’t working before marriage its not going to change after you say I do.

Marriage isn't the Answer for Most Couples

Considering the divorce rate in this country one can easy conclude that most people think marriage is the answer to their problems and all will be well when there hitched. This is like going to Disney World and then going home and thinking your life is going to just like that all the time. Does that type of thinking seem to work for you? If this is what your thinking may I suggest you visit a marriage advisor before saying I do and get a large dose of reality. Because what you are now, is what you’ll be after you get married. Marriage doesn’t solve anything, it just legally connects the both of you and that’s it.

Marriage Doesn't Change Anything

I will one hundred percent guarantee that nothing in your life will change when you get married. Marriage doesn’t make love or find happiness. Its just a legal piece of paper that’s making you both responsible for each others legal obligations the second after the legal married paper is signed and during all the time your married.

Marriage Works Best when both Parties are Themselves

Marriage is probably the most misunderstood arrangement in the human experience. If your marrying each other because you love each other and your both going to continue to allow each other to be who they are then you have a good chance of success. If this isn’t the climate in your togetherness then expect nothing to change and when if fails don’t look elsewhere, just look in the mirror. That’s how If feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by makelessnoise