When Times get Difficult Lovers move closer together

Fear Draws Lovers Closer

Everyone in life faces situations that frighten them and worry fills their mind. When this happens we usually close ranks and just focus all are thoughts on ourselves. This would of course not be the course of people who find their coupleness as their place of sanctuary when things are overwhelming them.

Love Kept Me Ok

I over two years ago was diagnosis with prostate cancer and boy did that shake the foundation of my being. Today my prognosis looks great and feeling good about my life and how things are going for me. Had it not been for the love of my life I’m sure I would have totally freaked out and probably would have spent a great deal of time feeling bad and worrying about whether I was going to die.

Being Alone is a Bad Time to Hurt

While going for treatments I got to meet many people in my condition and felt their fear and faith by just viewing there face. Some always were up beat while others seemed to carry the load of the world and hardly ever smiled. Many of these patients by their own admission were alone and had no one to sustain them during these hard times. Some were even living in nursing homes and were transported by social services to receive their treatments.

Love Equals Wellness

When I fell in love it changed the very fiber of my being. And it gave me a sense of wellness that I have never felt before. Love may not cure your illness, but it will make you emotionally ok while your going thru these difficult times. Sometimes I try to explain love and what it does to you, but people who have never experienced it don’t have any reference to understand what your talking about. I guess you need to feel it so you can tell the difference between real love and the imitation stuff.

Love is a Good Virus

When you find love it consumes you, like a good virus in your body. Know matter what happens to you, your love never decreases and always says to your mind I love you.

Love is the Best Feeling for You

Love is like water its everywhere and finding it is easy. Stop for a moment and think about what I’m telling you. Love is not what you think it is, it is what you feel when you meet it. A girl I dated once said that love is the feeling you feel when you feel a feeling you have never felt before.

Pay Attention and When You Feel It, Grab the Person Your With

When you find true love it will be the best feeling you have ever felt and you will never want to leave it. It will be the nicest thing you have ever experienced. So don’t rely on what you see, pay attention only to how you feel. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by romeoergatto