You don’t have to win all the time to be happy

Winning Isn't Everything

Winning is a habit that’s best left in the basement with all the things you don’t want anymore. Winning the lottery or hitting the jack pot in Vegas can be a great thing to experience, but want to win all the time at all cost is a fools journey. Sure its great to win, but wining is a thing that comes once in awhile and isn’t a regular member at the dinner table.

Most Gamblers Fail

We know three couples that don’t know each other but they have one big thing in common, they love gambling and live to win back all the money they have lost. All three couples have good incomes and should be sitting on cash reserves for future obligations or emergencies. I think there doomed unless they manage to get some intervention and change their way of living.

Gambling & Marriage Success Seldom Work

I'm mentioning the gambling stuff only to make the point that wining at all cost can and will make your relationship less likely to succeed over the long haul.

A Good Marriage is Already a Winner

A good healthy marriage is about compromise. It’s a give and take arrangement. In a good marriage both parties win and wining isn’t the goal. The goal is to find happiness for both members and each gets their share of the happiness that life has to offer.

You Can't Always Win

One of our grandchildren went thru a phase when wining was everything. At first my wife and I kind of ignored the wining stuff and just let it pass. But time proved that it wasn’t going to get fixed by itself. So we decided that when she thru a fit about loosing, we would pick up the cards and go do something else. In time she got the message and stopped throwing a fit.

If Winning is that Important Get Help

The fact that were living, breathing and enjoy the wonders of the world and all should be well with us. If you see yourself playing the wining need get help and find yourself again. I like wining but it isn’t the force that rules my life. Love and happiness rules my life and I like it that way. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by waffler