Your true mate always knows the thoughts that make you dream


Our thoughts are always making us think about things and things make us feel and sometimes those feelings drive us to wondering about all the things we didn’t do and miss the thought that we didn’t do it. Oh my love and I have all that we can handle in the good feeling department but we all have dreams that we have never fulfilled and we wonder sometimes if we missed the boat and feel that maybe we missed a great opportunity to explore higher feelings that weve never felt before.

We Know What Love Is

My wife and I are lucky people because we know the different between what we thought was love and what love really is. I think to many people fail to find real love and then spend the rest of their life missing and feeling bad about not knowing it. Love is like eating that special something that always gives you a special warm and wonderful high in your mind.

Magic Wand

I wish sometimes I could wave a magic wand and give every couple true love and what a joy that would bring to the world.

Lovers Always Share Their Love

Couples who love each other never miss the joy of sharing their love with each other and always remember the joy and share it with each other all the time. Its like love couples know that life is changing and we cant do the same things we used to do when we were young and nimble. But we can remember and sharing those moments from time to time with each other gives us good thoughts that over ride the feelings of losing our youth and these good thoughts recharge the fire of love in our heart and minds and once again we revisit the joys of our growing up. Knowing when to ignite these thoughts of wellness is a true sign of truly being true lovers to each other. If you cant have the real thing then the memory of it is the best substitute for it. My love like me is always conscious of being togther and how important it is to keep the fire of love burning. All things will change in life and that’s just the way life is. But change isn’t bad it just requires a new path to follow which always leads us to the togetherness of each other. I would like very much to change the lackness of my youth but never would I want to change the love between me and the love of my life.

Thoughts are Pictures of Love

So don’t forget to share your thoughts, because thoughts keep the fire of love burning. That’s how I feel and Im sticking to it.

Don L.
The Marriage Guru

photo by Ctd 2005