Always buy things for each other

Give Presents to each Other

Giving things to each other is one way of saying how much you love the person your with. But this takes special attention and requires paying attention to what your partner is doing and what they need or want that will improve the quality of their life. And most of the time they wont do it for themselves and primarily because they don't really see the value it will add to their life.

It's Amazing what your Love will do for you

For sometime lately I have been starting to see my favorite casual shirts start to thin out and beginning the process of unraveling. I have six of these shirts and they fit just right and always feel so good when I wear them. I have convinced myself that they will no longer be available and Ill have to start wearing new shirts and one of my joys will no longer be available to me.

She found my Favorite Shirts

Before leaving to visit my eldest son for three weeks my wife found the manufacturer of the shirts I like and contacted them and they sent her one shirt as a sample to try. And to my surprise and amazement was exactly the same as my original shirts. She ordered five more and my life was fulfilled again. Once again my beautiful wife thought of me and found a favorite thing for me. And because of her I get up everyday and thank the God of Love for putting us two together.

Walk the Extra Mile it's Good for your Marriage

Going the extra mile for your special person keeps the flame of love glowing. So always remember that caring about someone requires action on your part and your rewards will greatly out weight the time you spent making it happen. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by Nadya Peek