Is your TV doing all your talking?

Is your TV Talking to you?

Is the TV always on when you’re together? Are you finding yourself saying fewer words to each other and spending more time then ever talking about whats on TV? If you say yes or maybe, then this maybe a problem developing in your marriage. The invention of the TV was a great move forward in sharing what is going on in life. But it was at least in my thinking not a device that should be doing your talking for you.

Talking Helps Clear the Air

Talking is a unique way of connecting with some one. Now Im talking about being in the same room, looking at each other and sharing whatever is on your mind. Talking helps clear the air and keep clarity between people sharing their togetherness. Talking keeps the glue of marriage working and holding couples together.

She Knows How I Feel about Her

We have all heard or spoken the words; she knows how I feel about feel her. This statement also applies to men. All things in life need reinforcement from time to time. None of us are mind readers, if you value someone share the words that explain how you feel. It only takes a moment and helps keep the home fires burning for you.

Spend Less time with your TV

So pay attention to your life and observe how much time is being consumed by your TV and is it communicating more thoughts then you are? If it is, start slowly to incorporate more time talking about each other and how things are going in your life and how you feel about things. What you talk about isn’t important; the important thing is that you’re talking. At first it may seem a tad strange and a little hard to do, but it’s worth the effort for making things better between the two of you. You’ll be surprised how much you have to share with each other. And as time progresses maybe you’ll find yourself moving closer to each other and touching happens again.

We just Drifted Apart

You hear the stories of couples drifting apart and can't really explain what happen to them. But if you listen closely you'll hear the words, we just don’t talk anymore. When we were younger we talked and touched all the time; we couldn’t keep are hands off each other. And so the stories of divorce go, couples don’t stop caring about each other, they just stop talking and that’s the first stage of losing their togetherness. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by Elijah