Life is too serious to take seriously

Don't take Life Serious

Being born and then developing in a person is the most incredible creation in the universe. Yet as important as it is, it should never be taken seriously. Life was meant to be a journey of love, learning and growing by leaps and bounds. But everywhere you look people are broiled in time and consumed by worry about things they have nothing to do with. And whats the first thing we do when we wake up in the morning turn on the boob tube and listen to all the bad news all over the place. Were slowly becoming a world of together news. In other words we know whats going on all over the place all the time. And what ever happened to good news? If were totally cemented to our home environment and are only source of communication is the television were dome to only the horrors of the world.

News is almost always bad and thus Fearful

An the only news that seems to make the announcers mouth move is the stuff that drives fear in our hearts as if they were Dracula himself. I’m a home body three to four days a week depending on how much time is required to complete my home business. My wife works out of the home three days weeks and those days are varied every month. Were temporary down to one car which means walking is my main mode of transportation. With in ten blocks I have the ability to visit one grocery store, gas station, all you can eat barbeque, yongs Chinese carry out, nine dollar hair cuts, drug store and exercise class. They have bus service here and I’m seriously considering ridding the whole route and see where it leads me.

Don't let Worry be normal in your Life

But here’s my concern, why are so many people worried about so many things? Does it make something work better to worry about it? I don’t know about you, but when worry creeps into my life I seem to consume more then I can handle and then normal things become hard and then even my ridding mower wont start and run right. I worry that worry is becoming a normal aspect of life and it’s consuming our wellness.

Pig Picking Party

My family two days ago attended a pig picking party, which was created to celebrate the joining of two hearts the day before. Many were expected and not nearly enough people showed up to drink the free beer and consume all the great food. I think the newly weds wondered why all the family members, friends and co-workers didn’t enjoy this happy time with them? So they were concerned when only joy should have consumed their minds and souls. But I must confess those present did have a great time. My two year grandson Cohen had a great time being hugged, held and allowed to travel freely among the guests that frequently asked him his name.

Don't let Love ride in the Backseat

All too soon the party concluded, the guests left with barbeque and everyone waved while driving away. It’s to bad that life is so important and fun is left to ride in the back seat. For the record it was a great gathering and every one left with less worry on their mind. And that’s one step closer to being less serious about life.

Use a Broom and shew Worry away

The party was about two souls joining in a partnership to live, love and enjoy life. If you’re like them and find worry sitting on your door step, chase them away with a broom and get back to living rather then taking life seriously. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by merfam