Rest and sleep are two different necessities for a successful marriage

Stop Thinking about Sleeping

I have come to the conclusion that too much time is concentrated on sleeping and too little time is appropriated for just resting. And who decided eight hours of sleep is required for the perfect night of rest? I think the concept is up for grabs and it’s each person for themselves.

The Brain never Sleeps

It’s my understanding that the brain never sleeps. If that is true then the only person in need of sleep is just us who reside in the brain. So it seems reasonable to me that sleeping maybe our creation and has nothing to do with the brain. Thus its an individual issue and we shouldn’t be concerned if were different from other people. And trying to force sleep by taking pills or concoctions is just making things worse.

Find the Flow that Works

Maybe we would better serve ourselves by just finding the pattern that works for us and just go with the flow. And if that pattern changes from time to time consider that normal and don’t give it one ounce of thought.

Obsessed with Sleeping

We as a society have an obsession about sleeping. I sometimes wonder if it isn’t the number one issue in the human experience, at least in the modern countries. Other parts of the world haven’t learned our bad sleeping habits yet.

I Found My Two Sleeping Locations

I have two locations where sleep finds easy access to me. One is my recliner in the living room and the other is the bed. The sleeping in the chair is automatic and the bed is more inclined to work when wine touches my lips and I’m extremely tired. I like many have tried numerous approaches to the bed sleeping situations in the hope it could become a regular thing like sleeping in the chair. I sometimes wonder whats the difference between the chair and the bed? The chair sleep happens whether I want it or not. In the bed on the other hand I close my eyes and hope it happens. I guess the chair works better then hope.

I Rest in my chair and Sleep! Maybe resting in Bed is a Good Idea?

Maybe the trick is to not think of the bed as a sleeping place. But rather a place just to rest. I have read and heard lectures that promoted the bedroom for sleeping only and nothing else. In other words no tv, reading and the like. It should be just for sleeping and nothing else. Well that theory doesn’t seem to be working too good for me.

Where my recliner is there’s everything in the room and falling asleep seems to work well there. So maybe I should treat my bedroom like the living room. I think Ill give it a whirl and let you know via future writing how well it goes.

Sleep works Best where you find it

Remember rest and sleeping are both needed via the way that works best for you. So figure it out, feel better and have a more joyful marriage. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by rileyroxx