Sharing the bathroom is ok as long as one partner isn’t using the throne

Stool use should be a Singular Thing To Do

I have observed during many conversations with couples that this inappropriate behavior happens all the time. I find this behavior disturbing because it demeans the image they feel about each other. I’m not a prude and enjoy nudity and sensual things of that nature. I see the body as a good thing and enjoy the tingle it produces. But going to the bathroom is an entirely different thing. Its like taking out the trash it’s necessary but doesn’t need to be exploited. I see viewing someone going to the bathroom as a natural process that doesn’t need to be shared.

It doesn't Show Respect

Those couples that have indicated this has happened in their marriage are not via my observations living in what I would refer to as a loving relationship. They don’t seem to treat their partners with the kind of respect I have with my wife.

When I was a young person I visited many homes that didn’t have the luxury of inside doors. They used other forms of things to give some sense of privacy to those in the house. Like drapes, beads and the like. I guess people during those times didn’t have the money to furnish their homes like we do today.

Don't Demean your Love by sitting on the Stool

I think love is the most important thing in the universe and love between two people is the highest form of togetherness that two people can have. For me it’s a secret trust that I have with my wife. I value my wife above all people. I want her to be the happiest person she can be. For me to demean that connection hurts me to the very fiber of my being.

She's just a Broad

I used to work with a man that used all forms of crude behavior in the presence of his wife. Finally one day I injected my thoughts about his behavior and he just laughed and said she’s just a broad.

She Just a Broad and now their Divorced

Years later I belled up to the bar and there to my left sat this mouthy man. His tone had changed and he indicated he found religion and it has changed his life forever. I asked him how his wife was and he said they got divorced and that’s what compelled him to find the church. He seemed less sure of himself and finally shook my hand and said take care of your family and don’t end up like me. I smiled and we parted company.

Respect is another way of saying I Love You

It made me feel grateful for the wonderful family I had. Love is a powerful force for good if you respect the person your with. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by ashleytheartist2002