Getting Married for all the wrong reasons

True Love is the Container

Remember when you were a child and you went to one of your grand parents houses and when you entered their house your first thought would have been the cookie or candy container. Love is a lot like that but here’s the big difference, love isn’t the goodies, love is the container.

It’s Just that Simple

And most people don’t get it, because maybe there not seeing it in their parents? Its obvious by viewing the statistics that marriage success is at an all time low, so finding good examples is going to be a hard thing to find. But don’t let the stats stop you from finding True Love.

I Waited nineteen years before I found True Love

And it was worth the wait. Yes on three serious occasions I toyed with getting down on one knee and asking for their hand in marriage. But after the dust cleared and the light of day came back I didn’t feel any different about that person then I did with my first wife. Yes the first time I thought I was marrying for love ever after, but true love lasts and my marriage didn’t. So I just came to the conclusion that if I cant find something better Ill just stay single and that was that.

Then Cupid in the form of an Elk Brother showed me the way.

Our first meeting was made over the telephone and it almost didn’t get off the ground. Here was the problem. My Elk Brother was supposed to have contacted her and indicate I would be calling her. He didn’t and she almost didn’t say yes to a Sunday lunch arrangement at a local famous Hamburger House. At one point I got a little irritated and said aren’t you Charles friend? She said yes and then we both got on the same page and met the following Sunday.

It was Love at first Sight

Now even today my wife doesn’t buy that when I say it to people. And maybe it’s true that I couldn’t have known it then. But Ill tell you this, in fishing terms she had me hook, line and sinker. In other words I was spell bound by her and its still exactly the same feeling today. Every day shes my first thought in the morning and my last thought at night.

So if you love the Goodies and not the Container, you have not found True Love yet.

But don’t get discouraged and pay attention when the container is the reason your getting down on one knee. Then and only then will Love be your reward for waiting for the real thing.

Don L. Terrill

photo by nouveau