Love is Perfect just the way it is

Love Requires no Fixing

Because of that no tinkering is required. If your one of the lucky ones and have true love you won’t feel the need to fix or change anything about the person your with.

Love only requires Love to make it Perfect

So if you’re truly in Love with each other all those other differences wont matter. But if you think you’re close to love and only need to critique a few things, then you really don’t have the real thing. Because the real thing stands alone and requires nothing else.

But when you don’t have it, all the differences stand out like a sore thumb

I remember one time I hit my thumb with a hammer and it swelled up and turned bright red. I went to the Emergency Room thinking I broke something. The attending person told me only time would make it better.

More time with someone will not make Love for the both of you

If you love each other you will experience that feeling right away. But here’s the confusion if you have never previously experienced Love? You would have no reference to draw from to recognize it. But you would feel an incredible connection with the person.

People who have had Love and lost it will recognize it immediately.

Many people in love who loose each other thru death, have a huge advantage over people who have never experienced love before. They know exactly what it feels like and don’t concern themselves about all the other things that are involved in connecting with someone.

On one knee I asked for her hand in Marriage

When I found Love my only thought was to find a way to be with her all the time. And Asking Will You Marry me? Made it all happen.

Yes I didn’t know what Love was? But I did recognize this wonderful feeling I felt when I first met her. And that incredible feeling has never changed all these years together.

Pay Attention to Your Feelings

When you feel a feeling you have never felt before and nothing else matters. Jump don’t walk to the nearest I do location and enjoy the best that life has to offer.

Don L. Terrill

photo by jayniebell