Love Works When Love Rules

A Parent less Beginning

My brother and I grew up not knowing the experience of having a Father and Mother. Because of this I yearned to have a family and undo the wrong of my childhood.

Marriage Requires Love

My first marriage failed because love wasn’t the glue that held us together. Oh we looked good together and wanted things to work but looking good and wanting marriage to work is a poor excuse for getting together. And then with little understanding about the rules of parents we became parents and that produces two incredible sons.

We Lost Ourselves & It Failed

Then the weight of marriage kicked in and neither one of us knew what to do and then we lost faith in each other. Then the only course of action was to separate and give ourselves a second chance at finding that special thing called love.

I Pushed the Bell & love Answered the Door

Finally twenty years later while enjoying the feelings of the bud variety I was introduced to the love of my life. She had two boys like I did and it was love at first sight for me. Prior to that I was a divorce who had long ago given up on the concept of marriage and all the magic the movies portray on the magic screen. But I rang the bell she opened the door and then I discovered the meaning of love. And even today people still ask me what I love about my wife. And my response is always the same thing, everything.

Love is the Magic Key

Now I’m no rocket scientist and don’t need to understand everything about some one to determine whether I love them or not. Love is what it is and when you find it, you like me won’t as questions. You’ll just hug it, hold hands and love it till the last breath of life leaves your body. So take it from one who knows, marry for love because it’s truly the only magic key that unlocks two hearts and makes them one. That’s how I feel and loving every moment of it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by brightened heart


Marriage & Love Making

Love Making Requires Making Observations

First and foremost pay attention to what pleases your mate. I realize this takes your attention away from you desires, but learning more about your love mate and what tingles their fancy will be reversed back to you many times over. Pleasure seekers in marriage have a tendency to seek their own objectives and in the process over look the needs and desires of their love partner.

Love Preparation is Simple

And often times then not it’s the simple things that make the big difference. And what you think doesn’t matter. You must pay attention to what pleases and arouses your companion and then duplicate that concept with minor modifications to give hopefully variety and spontaneity to the togetherness situation. Sure I can tell you what works for me but I’m not going to do that because what goes on between my love and me is private and that’s the way it will always remain. When you truly love someone you don’t do and tell. To me that is the ultimate betrayal between two people who profess to love each other.

Its Not All About the Conclusion

And sometimes I think we view the final result as the most import aspect of the love making get together. Nothing could be further from the truth. Doing the little intimacy things even though sex isn’t the current objective is like giving out bits of wonderful tasting chocolate chip cookies and enjoying the moment and savoring the taste till the right movement becomes available and two loving hearts find time to say in wonderfully enjoyable ways I love You.

The Little Touches, Touch Us All

I truly believe that the little gestures of closeness create more anticipation then all the fluff and flowers that lead to the bed. I guess my thinking is that not drawing the whole picture leaves much to the imagination and doesn’t that cause more sparks and give the mind a nice rush of wellness we sorely need in our busy days of dealing with all the needs of surviving. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it. And believe me I greatly enjoy our wellness together.

Don L. Terrill

photo by rileyroxx


Are You Losing Yourself in Marriage?

Do You Feel Like You have Know Value?

Do you feel like your lost? Or let me put it another way, do you know who you are? Both questions are asking the same question. Has marriage made you a second-class citizen and is everyone else doing their thing but you don’t seem to have a thing other then being their thing. If this thing is happening to you maybe you should just come down with the illness thing and then notice what happens in the world your living right now. I’m sure that things going on around you will now notice that part of their thing is generated by your participation and is now like a flat tire and isn’t working anymore.

Try Being Sick & Notice What Happens

Now should you get slightly sick and observe what I’m suggesting is that not an eye opening experience for you? Now I’m not suggesting that you cease being all things to all people. But I am about to suggest that maybe you should apply more thinking to your thing in the hope of making your thing as important as all the other things you help support and promote.

Keep Your Observations to Yourself

Now don’t make your new observations known. Now I don’t promote secrecy in marriage but in this case its important to keep your observations to yourself and develop a strategy that will help promote your thing while still being all things to all people and still finding more time for your thing. I’m using the word thing because if you’re like me you don’t have a clue about your thing and what you going to do with it.

Decide What Your Part is Going to Be

Since I’m not you I cant begin to suggest what your thing might be. But you are you and you have the answer to the question in your thinking. Stop take five and explore all the possibilities in the world and start making time to find yourself and the part you want to play in the universe.

It's All About Your Thing

I once met a wise colored man who lived a life with few comforts most of us experience in our life. But he found his thing and that’s makes him a success in life. Find your thing and then success will find you. And don’t forget your thing may only have value to you. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by mcbarnicle


Marriage & Hipping Doesn't Work

A Happy Marriage Requires Two Entities

I think sometimes married couples think getting married means becoming one entity and that brings you together towards a common cause of togetherness. This kind of thinking is destined to not work because two people never equal one. You would think that understanding this pit fall would be easy to understand and be easily avoided and create a positive life long loving relationship.

Pay Attention and Always Be Yourself

Sometimes the obvious of something is totally ignored and in its place we produce a different picture that shows us connected at the hip and thus life will be seen as a couple walking down the same path and holding hands all along the way. It’s kind of like an old western movie where the cowboy rides off into the sunset holding the girl of his dreams.

Hold On But Never Lose Yourself

Holding and being connected at the hip are two different things. Holding one another on a regular basis keeps the love current flowing and is the cement that makes marriage work. Hipping together is a drag on the relationship and never produces the flow of wellness that love produces between two people.

Hipping Isn't Love

But hipping is like the crab grass we currently have in our back yard. We purchased our current home about three years ago and have slowly been improving the house and the property. Two weeks ago we applied a weed kill solution and boy did we get a huge surprise. It killed most of the green stuff in our back yard. At first we thought maybe we had applied the wrong product to the yard. We checked and that wasn’t the case.

Love Requires Being Yourself

Whats green isn’t always grass. Hipping may seem like the real thing but the results you get will not produce the results your looking for. A loving and fruitful marriage is created when both parties of the marriage stay being themselves and holding onto the holding process, which says in silence I love you. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by pedrosimoes7