Are You Losing Yourself in Marriage?

Do You Feel Like You have Know Value?

Do you feel like your lost? Or let me put it another way, do you know who you are? Both questions are asking the same question. Has marriage made you a second-class citizen and is everyone else doing their thing but you don’t seem to have a thing other then being their thing. If this thing is happening to you maybe you should just come down with the illness thing and then notice what happens in the world your living right now. I’m sure that things going on around you will now notice that part of their thing is generated by your participation and is now like a flat tire and isn’t working anymore.

Try Being Sick & Notice What Happens

Now should you get slightly sick and observe what I’m suggesting is that not an eye opening experience for you? Now I’m not suggesting that you cease being all things to all people. But I am about to suggest that maybe you should apply more thinking to your thing in the hope of making your thing as important as all the other things you help support and promote.

Keep Your Observations to Yourself

Now don’t make your new observations known. Now I don’t promote secrecy in marriage but in this case its important to keep your observations to yourself and develop a strategy that will help promote your thing while still being all things to all people and still finding more time for your thing. I’m using the word thing because if you’re like me you don’t have a clue about your thing and what you going to do with it.

Decide What Your Part is Going to Be

Since I’m not you I cant begin to suggest what your thing might be. But you are you and you have the answer to the question in your thinking. Stop take five and explore all the possibilities in the world and start making time to find yourself and the part you want to play in the universe.

It's All About Your Thing

I once met a wise colored man who lived a life with few comforts most of us experience in our life. But he found his thing and that’s makes him a success in life. Find your thing and then success will find you. And don’t forget your thing may only have value to you. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by mcbarnicle