Marriage & Hipping Doesn't Work

A Happy Marriage Requires Two Entities

I think sometimes married couples think getting married means becoming one entity and that brings you together towards a common cause of togetherness. This kind of thinking is destined to not work because two people never equal one. You would think that understanding this pit fall would be easy to understand and be easily avoided and create a positive life long loving relationship.

Pay Attention and Always Be Yourself

Sometimes the obvious of something is totally ignored and in its place we produce a different picture that shows us connected at the hip and thus life will be seen as a couple walking down the same path and holding hands all along the way. It’s kind of like an old western movie where the cowboy rides off into the sunset holding the girl of his dreams.

Hold On But Never Lose Yourself

Holding and being connected at the hip are two different things. Holding one another on a regular basis keeps the love current flowing and is the cement that makes marriage work. Hipping together is a drag on the relationship and never produces the flow of wellness that love produces between two people.

Hipping Isn't Love

But hipping is like the crab grass we currently have in our back yard. We purchased our current home about three years ago and have slowly been improving the house and the property. Two weeks ago we applied a weed kill solution and boy did we get a huge surprise. It killed most of the green stuff in our back yard. At first we thought maybe we had applied the wrong product to the yard. We checked and that wasn’t the case.

Love Requires Being Yourself

Whats green isn’t always grass. Hipping may seem like the real thing but the results you get will not produce the results your looking for. A loving and fruitful marriage is created when both parties of the marriage stay being themselves and holding onto the holding process, which says in silence I love you. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by pedrosimoes7