Love Works When Love Rules

A Parent less Beginning

My brother and I grew up not knowing the experience of having a Father and Mother. Because of this I yearned to have a family and undo the wrong of my childhood.

Marriage Requires Love

My first marriage failed because love wasn’t the glue that held us together. Oh we looked good together and wanted things to work but looking good and wanting marriage to work is a poor excuse for getting together. And then with little understanding about the rules of parents we became parents and that produces two incredible sons.

We Lost Ourselves & It Failed

Then the weight of marriage kicked in and neither one of us knew what to do and then we lost faith in each other. Then the only course of action was to separate and give ourselves a second chance at finding that special thing called love.

I Pushed the Bell & love Answered the Door

Finally twenty years later while enjoying the feelings of the bud variety I was introduced to the love of my life. She had two boys like I did and it was love at first sight for me. Prior to that I was a divorce who had long ago given up on the concept of marriage and all the magic the movies portray on the magic screen. But I rang the bell she opened the door and then I discovered the meaning of love. And even today people still ask me what I love about my wife. And my response is always the same thing, everything.

Love is the Magic Key

Now I’m no rocket scientist and don’t need to understand everything about some one to determine whether I love them or not. Love is what it is and when you find it, you like me won’t as questions. You’ll just hug it, hold hands and love it till the last breath of life leaves your body. So take it from one who knows, marry for love because it’s truly the only magic key that unlocks two hearts and makes them one. That’s how I feel and loving every moment of it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by brightened heart