Always Consult When Spending More Than Usual

He Had All the Toys

My neighbor is the proud owner of just about everything a man needs to maintain his manhood. Including but not limited to boats, cars, swimming pool, golf cart, motorcycle and etc. His wife so I’m told is proclaiming her womanhood and demanding that he equal the playing field and sell most of this stuff. Mainly for the purpose of lowering their credit card bill. But Jerry not his real name is not only not removing items but he is still adding items to the yard storage area.

Travel Trailer

Currently his wife is loading her husband’s clothes, guns and toys in the travel trailer, which arrived about one month ago with the promise that he was going to fix it up and sell for a profit to help satisfy the card monster. Jerry has the best of intentions but seldom delivers on his promises. I have the strangest feeling that he will soon be sharing the trailer with his clothes.

An Eye Opening Letter from Her Lawyer

Yes Jerry is an over doing person who likes to buy things and for him that’s a good thing. But whats good for him isn’t good for his wife. If moving to the trailer doesn’t do the trick I truly believe a notarized copy from her lawyer will catch Jerry’s eye.

Sledge Hammer Delivered the Message

Many moons ago I worked with a similar person like Jerry and saw first hand the ugliness of divorce and what it does to the person being divorced. Like Jerry my friend didn’t get the message till he came home one day and found everything he owned smashed with a sledge hammer. Which included a mint condition 1957 Chevy which he restored one bolt at a time. His wife also posted their divorce papers on the front door. She then entered the witness protection system because she knew hell was coming after her and being delivered by her soon to be x husband.

I guess from her perspective it was justified and he deserved it. But I have a hunch a better conclusion could have been achieved.

Talk & Agree First

Its better to discuss future purchases and agree on same before spending the hard work of both parties. I love toys but I love my wife more. That’s my thought for the day.

Don L. Terrill

photo by johnnrosenomads