Always Support Your Partner

Always Support Your Partner

A good spousal provider will always be there for the one they love and I mean all the time. Sometimes your life partner will experience depression like I did and dealing with this kind of condition can be extremely challenging for the one trying to help the one having the emotional and physical situation that often show up when depressed people have their toughest time. My wife God love her didn’t waiver one inch when I tried to commit suicide; which believe me was the furthest thought from my normal thinking.

It Caught Me Unprepared

I know the signs now and take evasive action to make sure they never invade my emotion space ever again. But the first time blind-sided me and that lack of knowledge almost gave me a fast tract to the graveyard. Yes I make jokes about it now but during that small space of time the wheels were off the wagon and only the presence of my wife did I find the light of day again.

Hi Cutie

I pretty much remember the time up and including trying to take my life then I apparently shut down and no one could get a reasonable response from me. That was until my wife walk into the room that was confining me and then like a miracle I said hi Cutie and then the doctor with her said I cant believe what I’m seeing, minutes ago I tried to converse with your husband and he didn’t even show eye movement. That’s what I call the power of love. I saw her and she saved me from my hell.

Love Will Save You

Before and since then she has never once stopped aiding me in my emotional path back to wellness. Most others would have run for their life and left me dealing with my problem alone. This behavior truly represents the presence of love and what it can do for a loving relationship. For me it’s the proof of the pudding. The thing that holds couples together is love and anything else is just a temporary patch that won’t hold up to the test of time. Take my advice and find love first and then say I do. Then and only then will the I do stand the test of time. My thought and I hope your listening.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Eggybird