Get Dressed Everyday & Make the Bed

Make the Bed

I’m constantly amazed how many married couples don’t rise in the morning and dress appropriately and make the bed. Sure they dress accordingly for work but when work is over or when their not working they hang around in what ever and even avoid good hygiene habits. And the sadness of it all is that most of them truly had that special connection and really loved each other. But neglecting yourself is not only bad for you but it is bad for your partner to observe.

Caring for Yourself, Shows You Care

If you don’t have enough pride to take care for yourself imagine what image you portray to your counter part. All of us need to constantly promote our own well being but also pass that wellness to our partner.

Trash Hurts

Life already showers most relationships with enough difficulty to over come and adding more stuff to the pile only tilts the relationship, like the Titanic deeper into the ibis. And in time the trash over whelms the relationship and both parties of the togetherness jump ship in the hope of finding love with someone else. And then if changes aren’t made in their new togetherness then old habits will knock on the door and maybe they will do the whole thing over again and then finding someone else will be required to try again and make the next marriage better then the last.

Keep the Keeping Going

There is know doubt in my mind that keeping up on keeping up is good for us emotionally and physically. Letting maintenance of ones self go because were too something is the first crack in the cement that holds us together. And then we start to see ourselves in different ways and we wonder what happened to the wellness that held us together. And then one day while were not looking our partner for life finds in someone else what they used to adore about us. And then with little effort we select another and then the journey starts all over again.

And all because we neglected to keep, keeping up. That’s my version and I live by it.

Don L. Terrill

Photo by wnorrix