Love & Religion Aren’t the Same Thing

Love is the True Message

I see religions beginning as a positive presentation of love and how it should help mold your life. Jesus as I recall said love thy neighbor as thyself. To me this was a message from the beginning of the universe and the word love was the word to be followed. But life being what it is chose to view it in a different light. And the light of thought produced a way to control the human race and thus serve the few and the rest just pulled the wagon.

Keep An Open Mind

Now don’t start throwing stones at me and proclaim my thoughts the opposite of the church and its teachings. I truly believe that religion intended to produce good works but went astray and has never returned to the teachings of he that breached that love was the word and that was the last word.

Love Attracts Love

So here’s the point I’m trying to make. If marriage is in your mind and you’re of a mind to join hands and say I do then may I inject a positive thought to you? See religion for what it is but stay the course and let love lead you to the one that loves you. And of course that requires that love in you be free to select love in another. When love meets love the most powerful force in the universe will connect the two parties in a way that will never change for the rest of their lives.

Let Your feelings Show You the Way

Making this connection requires that both parties allow their feelings to take over and make the decision to join together and live the best lives two people can have together. But it won’t happen if you allow the course of religion to control your feelings and make the decision for you.

Heart to Heart Requires Love

Remember that Religion is Religion and love is love. But they seem to be the same but they aren’t. When it comes to making a marriage of love, love is the main ingredient and if you don’t follow love your marriage will just be two souls sharing their lives but not their hearts.

That’s my opinion and love is the magic that holds my heart close to the one that loves me and I her.

Don L. Terrill

photo by evixir