Marriage is about Love and Compromise

Keep Things Even

Everyday people who love each other negotiate their wellness together and it’s like the easiest thing in the world to do. Yes we all want things in life but a good marriage keeps the score board even for both parties involved. Its like wandering through life one day at a time and every other day belongs to the other person in the relationship. Maybe today I select things or action to take and then tomorrow it’s your turn to be in the drivers seat. Oh it doesn’t really work out that plainly but each get an equal share of the pie of life. That’s how a loving marriage works.

We Each Expect & Receive

Sometimes it seems like I’m getting all the attention and my love is the silent member of our marriage. But in time if your keeping score you will discover with amazement how the whole thing balances out and each member of the marriage gets their fair share.

Love is About Balance

A loving marriage is like a like a tight robe balancing act in the circus. Its sometimes scary and frequently someone will fall in the safety net and the net is your partner for life catching you. And its all so natural that the faller and catcher don’t even pay attention to what part their playing in the balancing act.

Its All About Love

Every minute of everyday I feel the presence of my love and enjoy the comfort that feeling produces in my brain. I sometimes just for a moment remember being without her and that remembering gives me comfort in knowing what I have chosen well. I look around in those that I know and wonder how many lack the value of love in their life. I guess that’s why I’m constantly preaching the value of love in a relationship, because without it your not getting the true value of what life has to offer. So if you’re reading my words please listen to what they are telling you. The true measure of life is gauged by the love that exits in your life. Thus if marriage is to be true to the word, love must be the cement that holds you together. That’s my view and the view is all about love.

Don L. Terrill

photo by notredamer