Marriage Sometimes Requires a Ten Count

Always Count First

Scotty at the time of making this quote had just reached the young age of one hundred and he didn’t look a day over forty. And here’s what he told me. It’s easier to count to ten then trying to get your foot out of your mouth all the time. In other words its smarter to not say something then trying to take it back when you do. Even today I still catch myself about to say something and just in time realize that those words had I spoken them would have hurt both me and the person I spoke them to. And boy am I grateful to that hidden voice in my head that tells me to bite my tongue and just stand mute for a moment while my good sense takes over the situation facing me.

His Tears Revealed His Feelings

Scotties wife stopped living when she was eighty-six. Whenever he spoke of her I noticed a slight presence of moisture in his eyes. He told me talking to her first thing in the morning and just before going to sleep always made him feel close to her and feel warm inside.

Its Hard to Talk with Your Foot in Your Mouth

Scotty always hung around with his life long friend Mark who never walked the walk and said I do and meant it. Mark was 360 degrees different from Scotty. Mark unlike Scotty always had or was about to insert his foot in his mouth all the time. Mark was currently engaged to his sixth soon to be wife. According to Scotty Mark never learned the fine art of keeping his mouth under control and because of that he was always trying to undo some words that recently exited his over zealous mouth. But they were friends and I’m sure even death didn’t change that friendship.

Learning is Better Then Digging

The Lesson I learned from both these men is that keeping your mouth under control is much wiser then always trying to dig your way out of the hole your mouth created. That’s my feeling and I sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by PDR