Never Leave Issues Unsettled

I Always Fix Problems Before the Cement Sets

My Wife and I have that special relationship that’s totally consumed by love and in other to keep this wellness going as I like it making amends and fixing something that generally exited my mouth is always a high priority thing for me to fix. I can’t stand to have my wife upset with something I said or did. So I beg and humble myself till my parole is granted and I’m a free person again. And I’m going to be one hundred percent honest with you. When she’s upset with me I’m a total wreck and cant put two sticks together till wellness is restored in my mind.

My Wife is a Forgiver

I can’t begin to tell you what a lucky person I am. My lovely wife like all of us gets upset and voices her concerns, but unlike most, her forgiving nature kicks in and in short time I’m forgiven for my transgressions and all is well in the kingdom.

Never Lets Him Off the Hook

One of my Elks Brothers would die to have a partner like mine. His wife and rightly so, because he’s a hands grabbing and groping person. And I have know doubt that his behavior has produced unfaithfulness on his part. Because of this she at least via my observation has never given him, an I forgive you response. But in all fairness why should she because even she knows he has a girl friend only four miles from their home. Why she stays with him never ceases to baffle me.

I'm Sorry Works Wonders

But hopefully most marriages are not like this and have hope of being what they should be, fun loving marriages that produce emotional wellness for both parties involved. So when things good, get bad fix the problem by whatever remedies that are at your disposal and then always remember how that time felt and from here on and play the part that produces those incredible feelings you both share between each other.

Keep Yours Feelings in Good Working Order

Issues left to smolder only hurt and grow bigger in time. To prevent this prompt action of I’m sorry generally produces the results I'm looking for. Always remember eating a little crow is always better then sleeping in the spare bedroom. That’s why caring for my feelings is so important to me.

Don L. Terrill

Photo by inkiboo