Share Driving When You’re Together

Ridding Brings Partners Closer

This probably doesn’t rank high on the list of things you want to do to keep the marriage well cared for. But guess what? We all like ridding and just enjoy the view. Actually according to a recent study ridding rather then driving is emotionally good for us. One it takes our attention off things that are backing up in our brain and causing us to take more anti acid pills then usual. It according to the study lets our vision take over and make observations that would have never gained our attention because were always driving.

Small Rides are Great Emotional Lifters

Driving and just being a passenger is always good for me. I have always been a person who enjoys taking small rides; I guess thats why I’m constantly suggesting eating out. Its good for me and I know it.

Rides Relieve the Tension

There is also good evidence to believe that ridding and not driving is a great way to lower the tension in ones life. Before moving to the south my wife and I used to drive almost every week to a town called South Bend. The home of the fighting Irish. We drove there because we had few choices to eat at in the small town we lived in. But in all fairness I truly believe we both enjoyed the ride as much as we enjoyed the food.

It Forces Conversation & Finds Solutions

Ridding in the car has another great benefit its makes a couple a captive audience and forces conversation that might other wise not happen. I have always felt that taking rides with your mate is good for the relationship it allows conversation on any and all suggests and through this process ill will is removed and new understanding dwells between the two parties. I think my wife and I fix or mend most of the problems that enter and interfere with the wellness we feel for each other. Yes it consumes gas but its still cheaper then seeing a head doctor. So when something comes between you and your love may I suggest taking a ride for a dish of ice cream and in the process bring up the ill will and put it to rest by talking. That’s my thought for the day.

Don L. Terrill

photo by rileyroxx