That’s Woman’s Work

That's What Bill Thinks

We have a friend who married for the first time and then eleven months later a boy child showed up. Now most men I know have gone through the child rearing thing and they all did their part of looking after the children in question. Bill seems to think that raising children is the sole duty of the female and his only contribution is to offer up the sperm. Now he’s currently getting away with this reckless behavior but doom is just about to knock on the door and if he doesn’t answer I have the impression that sleeping alone is going to be his reward for not taking his turn at raising the child.

Child Rearing is an Act of Love

I have always been of he opinion that child rearing is the responsibility of both parents and each must consume some of the work. Everyone gains from this kind of approach I’m talking about. Having a child and never changing a diaper or not to have bathed your child just to mention two functions is total stupidity from my point of view. The real joy of being a parent is participation in all aspects of child development and it is through this process that we bond with the children of our making. Failing to bond completely leaves a void in the relationship and fails to produce the results parents are hoping to achieve.

Stone Age Thinking

And thinking this raising process should be limited to the female is totally from the stone age when women were dragged by their hair to the cave and produced children all by themselves. I don’t think it worked well then and certainly doesn’t in this day and age of enlightenment. Women and men are from my humble point of view equal in every sense of the word. Yes only women can produce but that’s the only difference and after that equality is the prevailing word, which means all, must share in the production of children and when that happens children produce better emotional wellness then just being raised by one parent only.

True Success Requires Helping

Leaving child raising to one partner is wrong in every respect and will produce results not favorable to the parent who thinks that’s woman work. This thinking is closed minded and wont work well in the marriage connection. So do your part and enjoy the rewards of being a participating parent. My view and I hope you get it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by wayfaring stranger