Wendy Found the One for Her

My First Friend

I met Wendy for the first time at the car wash. She was twice my age and worked all the positions available. I asked her for a job the first day I arrived in Long Beach California. She allowed me to leave my name and number where I could be reached. The next day I started working. It was hard work but they paid daily and that sure worked out well for me.

We Enjoyed Being Together

After about two weeks the owner invited all employees out for dinner at his brothers eatery, which served Italian food. We were a weird looking group but all had fun and definitely enjoyed the free food. Wendy sat next to me and in time eating together became a regular thing. We weren’t dating material for each other but friendship certainly was knocking on the door. We often talked about finding that special person but decided to cling together till the right person came along for each of us. Our arrangement wasn’t sexual; we just liked being around each other. Today looking back on this time in my life I am glad to proclaim her my first true friend. I would love to see her again.

I Made a Connection For Her

While eating one day Wendy pointed out a person sitting at the next table to us. She said I would sure like to meet him. Then she got up and went to the bathroom. While gone I said hi to the man and asked if he would like to meet my eating companion. He quickly said yes. When Wendy returned I said the gentlemen would like to meet you. She blushed when I motioned for him to come over. They meet and became instantly connected at the hip. I’m sorry to say I lost my eating companion, but it was great to see her smile all the time. They dated for a couple months and then he popped the word and she said yes. I didn’t attend the wedding because I moved to a different state. I hope and pray they followed through and found love together.

Just Ask

See how easy it is, just ask your friends or acquaintances to help make a love connection for you. I’m sure like me they would be glad to make it happen for you. After all that’s what friends are for.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Omar Omar