Your Marriage Path Should Always Lead Back to You

Paths Require Just You

Encourage your life partner to follow the path that shows them being themselves. Next to love I believe that being yourself is the second most important ingredient in the marriage stew. And why we feel being married makes us a couple rather then individuals has always been a puzzlement to me. Know matter what we do in life whether were a singular entity or a couple the goal of life is always to be yourself. I know that runs down the path of thinking that your being selfish and don’t want to share yourself. Nothing could be further from the truth. Know matter what path we choose the only person we can be is our self. To be otherwise is to go against the forces of the universe and that always produces pictures that don’t match up with you and who you are.

Being Yourself is Right On

Joining hands, sharing rings and sharing the same bed is a life filled with all the rewards of wellness, but only to those who understand that being yourself is the greatest requirement next to love and for me love equals the creator of the universe. So Love is first and being yourself is second. So when you find love you now have the biggest slice of the pie and being yourself is the next largest piece.

Individuals Never Become One

And for marriage to work correctly each must love the other and then give each the power of being themselves by getting out of the way and letting their partner be the person that they are.

Each Helped the Other Become Who They Are

In my younger years I spent a small amount of time enjoying the fair state of California. Where the days were warm and the nights were always cooler making sleep a better thing for everyone. While there I met this incredible young couple who knew that being individuals was a necessity for their marriage to work. She worked while he finished college, then he worked while she finished becoming a doctor. They unknowingly knew and practiced the value of being individuals and letting each grow in their own way.

Understanding the Universe

So if your contemplating joining rings and saying I do make sure you understand that being yourself is one of rules of the universe and must be obeyed or togetherness will not prosper and failure will prevail. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by herschel_rubinstein