Always Side With Your life Companion

Requires Dedication

Marriage is from my perspective, one of the most difficult arrangements to deal with. Under the best of conditions it’s a thing that requires the patience of Jobe and the endurance of Superman.

It Produces the Best Benefits

But it’s the greatest experience that two loving companions can have. I every once in awhile stop and review my relationship with my wife and constantly marvel at the joy that this relationship gives to me. Especially when I pay attention to the relationships that go on around me. And one big mistake people make is they don’t side with their love when shove comes to push.

Its Better to Sink Rather Then Lose

Whether your partner is right or wrong your love extends to her or him the support that says your right and Ill be at your side whether you are right or wrong. From my perspective its better to go down with the ship rather then being in opposition to the one you love.

Told Me I Was Wrong In Private

Recently while enjoying the company of a group of friends I unknowingly said something that was untrue, but at the time I thought it was correct. My lovely wife knew I was wrong but still backed me up with your right and their wrong. When we got home and in the privacy of our home she timidly explained my error in thinking. I without thinking said why didn’t you point that out? Dumb question on my part because I would have done the same thing for her. Love protects love, because that’s the way love works. It may on the surface seem totally wrong to some but experience has taught me that loyalty to your companion allows this exception to the rule that you should always correct someone when they miss speak.

Back Ups Are Required

So if your looking for all the benefits that a good marriage produces, you must on occasion back up the one you love. That’s how I feel about love and I’m an expert on the subject.

Don L. Terrill

photo by foshie