Marriage is Better Served When Rest is Acheived

Sleep Better

All of us at sometime or another find sleeping a tad hard to make happen in our life. And I have a hunch its mostly about whats going on just prior to going to rest for the night. The mind is just like a sponge and whats going on around you just prior to hitting the pillow is sometimes bother some stuff and it decides to replay pictures to us and restrict our sleep or lets us sleep and then replays the stuff back to us when our eyes are closed.

An All Night Movie

And the more we dream the more we will dream and its all about the brain learning to do something. The mind is like an all night movie house it capable of showing movies till the sun comes up in the morning.

A Short Movie

Also I think that we think our bothersome movies are bothering us all night when in reality its only a short skit and to us, but we feel it went all night. Either way it’s disturbing to us and should be avoided if at all possible.

Stop Watching TV Prior to Hitting the Sack

I have found in my life that stopping watching tv a half hour before hitting the bed is a really helpful thing for me in stopping the dreams from bothering me at night. I in an effort to not have harmful dreams have gathered up numerous pictures on my computer and replay them just prior to hitting the pillow. And of course the pictures are all in some sort pleasing to me. Like for example the rising and closing of the sun.

Watch Happy Pictures

Your choice will know doubt be quire different then mine. And don’t worry if a computer is not available to you. A collection of pictures in album form will very nicely fulfill the desired affect for you. And don’t give up because it doesn’t work the first time. Changing the pictures in your mind may take more then one presentation. Remember happiness is more influential then unhappiness so just keep working at it. I’m sure like in my life the rewards you receive will greatly be appreciated by you.

Everything Requires Effort

Changing a process of the mind requires effort so hang in there till you get the results your looking for. And it doesn’t work for me all the time. But I can honestly say that my dreams are so much better today then they used to me. So practice does pay off. So picture on and sleep better. And don’t forget marriage works better when all parties sleep better at night.

Don L. Terrill

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