Marriage & Jealousy Don't Mix

Sent Him to the Hospital

While working at the Nuclear Plant many years ago I meet a gentlemen by the name of mike, who had just received a divorce and was still feeling the hot breath of his ex wife on the back of his neck. Mike was a soft speaking person and didn’t seem to have enough bad feelings in him to even swat a fly. But according to the people that knew him, said he should have come to his senses a whole lot sooner then he did. Mike was pretty much tight lipped about talking about her, but every once in awhile he couldn’t help but spill his guts and tell me how harmful and almost deadly to him she was. She once hit him on the back of the head with a baseball bat, which required an ambulance ride to the hospital and numerous stitches to repair the damage. But even then he wouldn’t confess her guilt and told the cops some stranger hit him as he was going down the stairwell from his apartment, which he was trying to move out of.

Still Kept Calling

Even after their divorce she would still call him and the rest of us to find out what he was doing and who he was seeing.

Grabbed the Mony and Ran

Mike made one huge mistake and forgot to take her off his banking stuff. Shortly after their divorce she with drew all the money from his checking and saving account. Because the divorce was final and none of the money was hers the judge ordered her to jail on weekends and forced her to repay the money back to him.

Knew What He Was Getting

Here’s the real tragedy of this story. According to Mike’s best friend, Mike knew how she was before he married her. At first Mike viewed her jealousy as a sign that she really loved him and that irrational thinking worked for him because he came from a broken home where his mother constantly called him stupid and blamed him for his Father leaving her.

Jealousy Can Kill

Mike like many people don’t see the wrecking ball that’s about to hit them. So if your future partner is demonstrating this behavior, you might be well advised to grab your stuff and exit stage left. Jealousy should never be viewed as a harmless emotion. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
A Marriage Guru

photo by Uncle Ariel