Never Give Up Your Life to Give Someone Else Life

Giving Your Life To Help Doesnt Help

Its wonderful for married partners to care about each other and do those things that help each other. But there is a limit that one can do for another and that limit is when your life is in jeopardy because you’re doing certain things.

Tried & Died

One of my elk brothers who passed away two years ago who did so because he tried to do too much and in the process gave himself a heart attack. When couples love each other they don’t want to be burdened with the knowledge that their love died because they did more then they should have done to promote their wellness.

Even Love has Limits

But Richard loved his wife and that love drove him to do more then he should. His wife God rest her soul was a good person but had too much pride and because of that wanted help only from her husband. She had great difficulty getting around and thus needed assistance whenever she felt required to do something.

Tried One Too Many Times

But I find it hard to fault him because he was doing what love propelled him to do. I on rare occasions informed him to seek help by paying someone to be at her beckon call and Richard had the finances to make it happen. I suggested he hire a live in and thus take the pressure off himself. Three months after are last conversation Richard bent over and his loving heart gave out.

Limits Are Important

Now his love is living in an up scale retirement home and getting the help I suggested he get. But I find it hard to fault a person for loving someone too much because that’s how I feel about my love. Love I guess is a two sided sword, one side is love the other leads to faulty thinking. We all should know our limitations and that would make life better for us and the ones we love.

Give What You Can

Give but don’t give more then you can. Because I’m sure Richard left a blank spot in his wife’s heart.

Don L. Terrill

photo by MyLifeStory