Signs That Your Marriage is Crumbling

Are You Feeling Alone Even When Your Together?

Are Special Days just like any other day?

Is your Spouse Spending more time with others then you?

Does Her Home Cooking taste more like something out of the Can?

Are you finding yourself being with your spouse and hardly do you talk anymore?

Is Your Toilet Paper Harsher then your Wifes?

Is the Couch their place of sleep now?

Is Sex a thing of the past?

When’s the last time the Love word left your lips?

Does Your Spouse leave the room when the phone rings?

Is Working late the norm now?

Has a Cell Phone but seldom answers?

If these kind of questions are finding space in your thinking? Now don’t get me wrong these questions aren’t by themselves indications that your marriage is hitting the rocks and you’re soon to be exited to living your life like when you were single. But they are definitely signs that the relationship you once cherished is now feeling the pressure to find wellness with others rather then with you. So smell the roses and maybe buy some roses and reverse the trend your togetherness is heading to.

Failure to Participate Will Kill Your Marriage

I believe the number one reason a marriage crumbles is because of the lack of attention applied to it. Every meaningful relationship is actively active at keeping the good feelings flowing in the right direction. So doing your maintenance is the number one thing people should do to keep the wellness working in their togetherness.

Always Communicate

Failure to keep the lines of communication going leads to the thinking that I’m not special and without special feelings expressed to each other, both start to look elsewhere and stop looking for it at home. Then the great feelings crumble and hearts are broken for all the wrong reasons. My thought whats yours?

Don L. Terrill

photo by Lazy_Lightning