Soaps Share Secrets

Watch and Read Between the Lines

If you’re looking for marriage information watch the soaps. I first watched the soaps during my first marriage. I worked the second shift at a die cast company. My hours were from three to eleven. I can’t exactly remember which ones they were, but I was definitely hooked. Today my wife and I record two soaps and watch them latter in the evening. From eight till bedtime is our official time together. We watch and talk about things in our life. The soaps fill up the space between talking to each other. Sometimes the pace of these shows almost slows to a snails pace and that kind of tilts me in my chair, but it’s our time and that’s important to me. People who wish to grow together must constantly find time for each other and listen and share their thoughts. So the soaps help us keep that connection going.

listen & Watch

The soaps also serve another great purpose and that is to show the errors people make in their lives. And the soaps make the same mistake over and over again, so it’s not hard to make observations that will serve you for the rest of your life. And if you want to learn some of the pitfalls of marriage you will definitely want to watch the soaps and pay strict attention to what they do and not what they necessarily say. Getting married on the soaps doesn’t mean till death do us part. It means till the next warm body comes along.

No Locks

And here’s something that really bugs me about the soaps, nobody seems to lock his or her doors. And it seems like their all living together. And they all seem to have plenty of worldly goods. And one month you’re a student and the next month you’re a doctor is that profound or what.

How to Marry & Divorce in One Week

But all kidding aside the soups can be a useful learning tool in understanding the wrong things to do and they’re as clear as the sounds of a bell in the middle of the night. Remember when Paul Revere jumped his horse and rode through the town yelling the British are coming or how about when Wyatt Earp played by Kurt Russell when he got off the train and pointed his shot gun at the Clantons hired gun and said tell them I’m coming and hells coming with me. Today the soaps are yelling marriage first and divorce will follow.

Soaps Show the Wrong Path

So we can learn the right and wrong ways to approach marriage by watching the soaps and paying attention to the actors and the parts they play. Knowing the wrong path to follow is one way to finding the right path. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by Jon Evans