A Good Marriage Will Make You Feel Good

Mother Wouldn't Budge Till the Door Opened

My Father always opened doors for my Mother even in the latter years of his life. Primarily because my Mother expected it. On very rare occasions when the taste of scotch shaded his memory, Mother would quietly stand before the door, until my Dad realized he was the only person in the car. Then like others he could have said, just this once can't you open the door for yourself? Yes Mother could have opened the door, but that would have required her to think less of herself and no way was that going to happen. Mother knew her importance in the scheme of things and she always extended that same thinking to her husband. No she didn’t open doors for him, but she did let him believe that he was the head of the family and as such, sat at the head of the table. And my Dad knew that kingship required doing certain things for his wife and on this subject he always recognized that even Kings sometime lose their head over, not paying attention to their responsibilities.

Do You Shine in Your Spouses Eyes

I obviously acquired his thinking because I’m very attentive to my wife. I know it's old fashion thinking and isn’t necessary required today. But you know what? My wife appreciates my gestures and I know this because she shows it by her actions and words that she appreciates me to. In this day and age it not hard to stand out in the crowd. And you can accomplish this by being a jackass or doing the right thing. So what would you rather have a slap in the face or a hinny grab. The grab works well for me.

Are You Promoting Your Marriage?

I am constantly observing behavior between married couples that don’t even meet my minimum standards and wouldn’t get a passing grade from me if I were there teacher. Not only wouldn’t they pass muster, they would receive a minus grade, because they go out of there way to hurt the person there sharing there life with. It’s like being nice, kind and compassionate is taking a back seat to ugliness. It was good thinking then and still works well today. Go ahead make the gesture and then notice the response. All good gestures are rewarded with kindness and isn’t kindness a breath of fresh air.

Giving Is Vital

Recently we joined the festivities of a block party and boy were the gesture of unkindness flowing there. And the intensity of the unkindness increased as the affects of the alcohol took hold. This sad behavior towards your loving companion will come back to haunt you in a later date. Yes we laugh now but our mind remembers the hurt we felt when the one we loved hurts us to the core. Always remember for every action there is a counter reaction and results of that may begin with a word that says good by. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by thebig429