Is Work Comsuming All Your Time?

Don't Let Work Be Your Life

If I’m not careful I think I might become a victim of this want or need to work all the time. Even now in my beginning stages of getting involved in a new way of doing I find myself questioning myself and am trying to maintain the things I have always liked to do and still move ahead with this new project. I kind of now understand the challenge of those who master the achievement and still keep time for all the others things of life. Even now I’m starting to feel that I’m neglecting the love of my life. Our time together has always been the primary issue in my life. But progress and achievements consume time and there’s only twenty-four hours in a day.

Don't Bring Work Home, Even If You Work at Home

Now here’s a little bit of information about a family member whom I haven’t really got to know but admire his desire to achieve and do well for his family. Bob is my stepbrother we share a Mother by birth in common. Bob like me felt the sting of a faulty upbringing, but that didn’t stop him from learning a trade and providing well for his family. But like me Bob over indulgences and one on his is working all the time. I think Bob would qualify for the title of being a workaholic. Am I crazy? does this word imply that alcohol plays a part in creating this situation? No it doesn’t in Bob’s case, because that would require using more time and time is in short supply in his life. Now here’s how Bob qualifies for this designation or certification depending on how you’re looking at it. One he has a full time job as tool and die specialist, works in his shop at night doing same for others creating new innovations and he and his lovely wife are building a beautiful two story country home.

Remember Whats Important & Its Not Just Work

Bob like all of us who cares about being partners and parents do our best and then try to do better when the sun rises again. That’s the journey of a caring person and Bob and his wife qualify for this position. But all of us even with the best intentions in the world must always plan and make time for the ones we love, because after all, isn't that what life is really all about. That’s how I feel and I sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by Rob!